Our Story

Our Story

During the dry season, Muntigunung doesn’t have anything in common with the extremely fertile, tropical, humid south of Bali. Muntigunung nearly resembled a desert with its brown landscape and dusty dirt roads. It was hot, dry and a rather inhospitable area with simple bamboo huts and the people had no access to water. Every day, they had to walk for up to 5 hours to fetch water for their families.

The intense dry season prevents the cultivation of agricultural products for most of the year. A lack of formal education (most of the elderly are illiterate), opportunities for employment and the generation of sustainable income is thus forcing the women and children of Muntigunung to beg in the tourist areas in the south of the island to ensure their survival.

Since these people rely on income from begging, their children are used as “emotional sales support” with the fatal consequence that these children learn a relatively effective system to obtain money. This lays the wrong foundation for their development. Begging externally and the lack of awareness the parents have about the benefits of education has the effect that it prevents the children from attending school.

In 2006, in an effort to provide a more sustainable and brighter future for the Muntigunung community, Future for Children – a Swiss backed NGO, together with Yayasan Dian Desa, initiated the Muntigunung Development and Livelihoods program and successfully constructed 20 buildings to harvest and store rainwater in specially designed tanks to provide a year-round water supply, securing clean & sustainable water to every household, every day.

Today, as part of the Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise, these buildings also provide a place for the community to process their now well established rosella, cashew nut, Lontar palm sugar, and moringa products, as well as produce a number of high quality Hammocks, Bags and accessories, in which all activities support to create employment opportunities and brighter economic prospects, as well as boost self esteem.

Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise is not only endeavoring to provide the people of Muntigunung with income but also support access to healthcare and education for the Muntigunung community. Through applying equitable practices, should it be in weighing the products bought from the villagers, and in paying them at actual market prices, Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise is strictly adhering to the major criteria of “Fair Business“. This loyal practice is reflected in our sales prices, and net revenues from sales are fully reinvested in further expanding income generating activities in additional hamlets in the Muntigunung area.

By purchasing our products, you are supporting the people of Muntigunung and providing them with a brighter, sustainable future.

We thank you for your support.