Woven Lontar Baskets


Our Hand Woven lontar gift boxes, otherwise know as oleh-oleh, are produced by one of our local cooperatives as part of Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise, where all activities endeavour to create employment opportunities and brighter economic prospects for disadvantaged families in Muntigunung.


Our unique and beautifully Woven Lontar Baskets are handcrafted from locally grown Lontar palm.

The Lontar Palm is a tall fan palm, traditionally used for centuries in Bali for its high yielding & sustainable hard wood and sweet sap that is a source of palm wine and sugar, and its leaves are used for thatching and weaving.


Our lontar baskets are handcrafted with care and incorporate beautiful and unique interwoven designs ensuring a truly personalised touch.


Materials: Leaves, Dye


Muntigunung Lontar Woven Basket Range

3 in 1 

Hand Woven Lontar Basket
Available in :

Cashew : 3 x Roasted Cashew Nuts With Garlic & Salt

 Combo : 1x Rosella Sweet, 1 x Roasted Cashew, 1 x Dried Mango

Weight    : 3 x 50 gr

 Price: contact us


 Rosella Sweet 75g                           Cashew (Various Flavours) 75g                 Dried Mango 75g

Weight    : 1x 75 gr
Price: contact us



Available in : Rosella tea 35g                                Palm Sugar 500g
Price: contact us




Custom Lontar baskets with personalized embroidered logos and designs

Minimun order ; 50 Units

Price and lead time available on request

Order: Enquiries and orders please send email to sales@muntigunung.com



Watch Our Lontar Weavers in action:

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