Rosella Range

Rosella, a species of Hibiscus, is more than just a pretty fruit: it’s been used in dishes, beverages and traditional medicine for centuries. Widely regarded for its unique taste and significant health benefits, it truly is a treat for your body!

Muntigunung is an ideal location for Rosella to flourish, and as a result the Rosella grown in Muntigunung is of a very high quality and the flowers harvested have a high concentration of vital vitamins and nutrients.

So why is Rosella so good for you?

Many studies have been done on rosella as a result of it being a common age – old home – remedy in various regions around the world including South America, Africa and parts of SE Asia.

As it turns out, Rosella flower is extremely healthy. Abundantly rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals, rosella is known for its anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties, strengthening the immune system, & supporting a healthier cardiovascular system, making our rosella products not only delicious but extremely good for you!

Rosella is rich in substances that promote good health including vitamins A, B1, B2 (Riboflavin), C, and D. The vitamin C content is 3 times that of a blackberry, and 9 times that of an orange. Rosella is also rich in Calcium, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Magnesium, Omega-3, and several essential amino acids (citric, glycolic, lysine, arginine, and legnin).

By consuming Rosella on a regular basis, significant health benefits include:

– Strengthen the immune system

–  Improved Digestion and detoxification

– Anti-Inflammatory and Antibacterial properties

– support a healthier cardiovascular system by improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, and increase oxygen content in the blood



Muntigunung Rosella Range:

Muntigunung Rosella has a pleasant tart-sweet flavour – Sweeter than rhubarb, but more tart than strawberry, its flavour hints at lemon, cranberry & apple, so add our rosella to your daily routine for a delicious & nutritious way to support good health & wellbeing.


Rosella Tea 

Prepared hot or cold – the infusion is a delightful thirst quencher.


Rosella Salt

 The perfect balance of sea salt and grounded rosella powder.

Our Rosella salt adds colour, flavour, and vitamins to your culinary creations!


 Rosella Sweet

 Sweetened with our natural lontar palm sugar and dried in a solar dryer .

Completely natural, unrefined and delicious!


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