Dried Mangoes

Muntigunung Dried mangoes are fibreless mangoes which come from local markets and are prepared in Muntigunung to meet the demand of a more health conscious Bali.

With minimal preservatives and no added sugar,  our dried mangoes are a delicious and alternative natural snack.




Health Benefits

An average mango has an energy value per 100g of approximately 60 kcal, with numerous health benefits.

They are naturally high in pre-biotic dietary fibers (substances that encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, not to be confused with  probiotics), vitamin C, antioxidant vitamins A and C, as well as vitamin B6.

Mangos  contain triterpene and lupeol, which have been found to be an effective inhibitor in  laboratory models of prostate and skin cancer.


Muntigunung Dried Mango Range


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