About Us

Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise produces and distributes a wide range of high quality products originating from and processed in the remote area of Muntigunung, Northeast Bali.
Production and processing by local villagers is supported and coordinated by the Muntigunung Development and Livelihood Program implemented in 2006 by Yayasan Dian Desa / Future for Children. All activities endeavor to create employment opportunities and economic prospects for poor and malnourished families in villages where Future for Children has secured a clean and sustainable water supply.

Through applying equitable practices, should it be in weighing the products bought from the villagers, and in paying them at actual market prices,  Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise is strictly adhering to the major criteria of “Fair Business“. This loyal practice has to be reflected in our sales prices.

Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise  are not only endeavoring to provide people in Muntigunung with income but also to boost their self-esteem. Net revenues from sales are fully reinvested in further expanding income generating activities in additional hamlets in the Muntigunung area.